Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye 2010!
Very soon, we shall say goodbye and hello all in one with cheers of a loud professed "Happy New Year!
The past and present join but for a brief and I do mean brief moment in time. This thought just amazes me and seems so awesome! The thought of the old and the new, greeting like a hand shake. Time upon time,  year after year, life and death. I want to wish everyone happiness and good health!  Mostly, I pray for our world, that we may enter into this next year with honest attempts to become, a more peaceful, caring and  co-existent with  this borrowed time here on planet earth,  we all call home.
Just a thought,  while I flutter by into the New Year.
Love to all,  especially my Family near and far!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cheers to A Merry Day Arriving!

Another day goes by and where did the time go?
Did I bake, shop, decorate and bring some cheer?
I sprinkled more butterflies on my tree!
Feeling as though there's sooo much more I want to do!
Friends and family to see, but too far away.
I will close my eyes and dream!
Tomorrow, I shall start again.
I will flutter about as quick as can be.
Christmas will greet me soon.
I do wish to be ready!
Cheers to a Merry day arriving!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

Where did the week go?  I can hardly believe I am sitting in the presence of another Sunday. Evening is upon me and wishing on a star and saying my prayers are my way to bring on the new week. I do like a fresh beginning.
What will I do to welcome Monday morning. Can you sing good day sunshine! Well then what ever may come my way,
I hope your week is positive and promising. Please flutter by and say hello and put a smile on some ones face.
What comes around goes around, just like the week that follows. Think about it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So what can I say today?  I am trying to think of a clever line or two.  Words fail me.  Its late and I have been really busy,driving about here and there .  I think  I am reliving the movie Ground Hog Day! Do you have days like that?  Well, if you do, " Get To Bed!"  Your alarm clock will be sounding off soon.Yikes!
Flutter to dream land my friend.  The sand man calls. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do You Remember?

The days go by and still more to remember. How can I keep it all together inside?
Wishing, never to fail within my own  mind, pieces of history I have  lived.

Rolling through today with no dates in mind , I finally recalled and  refocused my awareness.
Yes, September 11th will always be deserving of  my reflection on how life forever changed.
I shutter now,  thinking. how this day occurred and why.
I utter a prayer for those innocent lives taken and those left behind to live on to remember.
Never forget. Keep the faith. Give someone a smile today.
Flutter on,  my dear friend for tomorrow is a new day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Live Today!

Just thinking about life in general.  What the heck are we doing? I hope I can take today and give it my best.
I pray that I can bring a smile to at least one person.  Sometimes life gets so complicated. After reading some
blogs out there, I really have it pretty good today and I must count my blessings. Today I flutter by  wishing for you a smile.  Live today because we can and we must.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Today I feel

Today I feel like I must live.
I must enjoy and embellish.
Today is starting to creep by me and there is only that moment.
I must not cry for yesterday.
Today teaches me anything I choose to embrace and entertain in my mind.
I must carry on for my days are passing.
Today I shall smile and I must live.

I am blogging finally! There are so many bloggers out there that inspire me. I am going to try and post as often as my time allows. Fluttering by when I can.
I feel sort of like a fish out of water. This blogging stuff is like a whole new world to me.

Today I want to suggest, enjoy this holiday weekend with whatever you love! Seek and carry on and embrace this time. Oops, got to go now I'm a fluttering.