Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thankful and Inspiring....


I wanted to share this beautiful giveaway I won from a Dear friend, Marcia at  The Shop Around the Corner! This graceful pink dress tag is decorated with a diamond floral ribbon belt and is sprinkled with pearls down its flowing bodice. The tag is called " LOVELY" and I just "Swooned" over just how Lovely it is in person!!! I decided to place LOVELY amongst my spring decor. I am so Happy to see spring blooming once again! I know some of you are still waiting for signs of spring, I promise it is on it's way!
I also wanted to thank Marcia who inspired me to creatively mod podge some eggs for Easter! I perused Pinterest to see what others were crafting with eggs and I came up with this idea! All supplies I used can easily be found at your local craft store, (Michaels has great bargains in my opinion) and the plastic eggs I purchased at the 99c store.
Starting out I layered white napkins to mask some of the colored eggs and then I applied cut sections of the cupcake papers. I also crumpled the cupcake paper before I cut them into smaller sections to make the paper less stiff.
I have to advise to work in sections and dry sections at a time so your fingers are less likely to stick to your project. I used the matte mod podge on my eggs. I might try to make a few with some of the gloss mod podge if  I get out to purchase some before Easter is over.
  All in all it was relaxing and a fun project that I would recommend for anyone, even the kids if they like to be crafty creative!