Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me and My Gal

Yup,  kids are back to school today and its back to me and my Gal.
 I hate to think that summer fun is over and the house will be a bit quieter. Well, that is unless someone comes to the door and my gal gets a little huffy. We keep each other company and she is usually a good listener! We like the same foods! Go figure, any time I go for something to eat, she is like, "me too!"  My Gal, Trixie, will follow me anywhere just like my shadow. We both love to meander about outside and then return inside to cool off. As the day wears on and its time for our house inhabitants to return home we both get a bit excited to greet them, once they enter. Yes, my Gal pal is my best bud and we are ok with each others imperfections. I wonder if she knows I would be lost without her?  My little secret!  Tee hee hee!
  I'm back, fluttering again!

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