Sunday, September 2, 2012

 So,  September 1st crept in and its almost just another day in my mind in dealing with WANTS/NEEDS! This weekend was the same HOT weather but muggier this year, than in the past.
 Yesterday, I noticed in the stores,  signs of FALL,  that could be on our doorsteps NOW.
WELL,  this is ARIZONA SISTER and we won't feel signs of AUTUMN until after, October ends.
My mind has its WANTS/NEEDS........
WAITING is not in my game plan and I will just welcome in the IDEA that we are FALLIN into AUTUMN!
PUMPKIN/OWL are stopping in to stay and wait it out with me through this Balmy September!


  1. Cute collectibles!!
    Ohhh we are finally enjoying some cooler temps..whew...that almost killed me.
    Thanks for the compliments on the photos!
    I did make a cake like that before too and was it
    every yummy.

  2. Hello lovely Kelly. Thank you for stopping by the shop and thank you for the standing ovation. MY, you have me blushing here. I thought I had not put too much effort into the circus party post, but it seems that sometimes that works too. I think it's the message of that beautiful song too.

    LOVE your autumn goodies. I must buy an owl this year. They're everywhere and I cannot resist any longer...too cute.

    We don't feel autumn in South Florida until the end of October or so, so I totally hear ya.
    Have a great Sunday.