Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yup,  I need to post!
I wish I had inspiration like I wish I could win the lottery today!
Well,  you know,  I can't win if I don't play!!!
Soooo, I better just start writing HUH!
Thing is,  no ticket and no words!  Yikes!!!
I can't think about this now. I will think about this later, for

after all ...  Tomorrow is another day! ; )                              ( Picture borrowed from Google)


  1. You know what? You're getting a spankin' young lady! You are never at a loss of words on my blog LOL now get to writing :)

  2. Ah ha....we used to do a Wordless Wednesday...perhaps that was your inspiration! Thank you for visiting my little world. I so appreciate your kind words. I LOVE Vanessa with all my heart...I think perhaps participating in her parties is one of the things I miss most right now with all the changes in my life. One day I shall return. I am on a pilgrimage right now to conform my heart to the Will of God.

    **blows kisses**

  3. teeehehehheheee.....a perfect start to my day dearest Kelley!

    THANK YOU for fluttering by my post; all is well, thanks to 3D imaging that can rule out any concerns! HAPPY DAY! Anita

  4. Oh, what a perfect reminder, Kelly...tomorrow IS another day. I SOOOOooo needed this, my friend, more than you know.
    Thank you for visiting. Glad to be catching up with my bloggy friends today.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Oh how I love that line of Scarlett's.....I do believe in TOMORROW!

    Sweet Kelly, thank you KINDLY for coming by to visit! Where did this summer flutter by to? All I know is that it took part of my heart with it, for it was indeed a magical time.

    Isn't that poem at the top of my post just refreshing? I hope to one day be that good as I explore the world of poetry. In the meantime, I will teach my love of French to kids and hope that in teaching them, they will discover their own passions to learn what interests them.

    BIG HUGS! Anita

  6. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, I have been meaning to flutter on by for some time. :) Something's definitely wrong with my clock, keeps cheating me out of time. ;)
    How have you been? I hope you have enjoyed summer. I am SO ready for autumn. We don't see a huge difference in seasons down here in Florida, but it is still my favorite time of year.
    Wishing you a lovely evening, friend.

  7. Darling Kelley! HELLO! Oh my dear, it is truly wonderful to see you flutter by my post yesterday! How are you my dear? Thank you for your kind comments and I do believe that poetry is an art that is an ancient practice of noticing the world around us. The bible is chock full of so many linguistic devices to communicate a profound message in an "every day way." I hope to share what is in my heart which is often in my opinion, a simple place. Be well and flutter by any time you wish! Anita

  8. My dear fluttering Kelly,

    Thank you precious winged fairy for coming to my post. I hope you are enjoying a variation of color and coolness that this awesome season can offer. It was truly raining gold yesterday on my way home from work; it was a perfect way to start the weekend! Anita

  9. Lovely Kelly!! How are you? I've missed you.
    I've been so busy helping my husband set up our new business and simply HAD to shut down my previous page. It was time to move on anyhow.
    I thought I'd never be back to blogland this time, but now that our business has a steady rhythm, I was inspired to create a new page. I'm giving a known title a new twist.
    Hope you'll stay in touch.