Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!


Welcome to my house!

Take off your shoes and come on in!
So glad your here!!!


Don't mind the pups. They have been waiting to see you!

The fairies have been waiting day and night.....Sighhhh.... <3<3<3

Here is our dinning menu for later! YUMMooooooo!!!!

Ahhh, but for now, please join us for some Tea, Candy.....or some Spirits perhaps?????

Lets start the Entertainment..........

It's all so enchanting enjoying this bash with YOU!!!

PLEASE!!! Don't be shy! Come on over and say hello.

Come sit down and join our special guest!

Let's........... PARTY!!!!!!

OHHH MY!!!!!!

Thank you for joining us!

Especially to you Miss Vanessa<3

Please join the other fabulous friends and their festivities ; ) Cheers!!!!


  1. It was so fun to meet all your spooky party guests. Who knew the skeleton was so musical?? Your pups are soooo cute- and they wait so patiently!!
    Thanks for having me --

    Happy Halloween!
    Chrislyn / Spiritdog Studios

  2. Good evening, KELLY! I just saw you flutter by (off my blog roll!) and I was happy to see you have posted! What an array of goodies you have spread out and your welcoming committee is very fuzzy, furry and adorable!

    Sweet thing, I wish you a happy October! XOXOX

  3. A perfect Halloween party-So much fun-Denise

  4. Such wonderful, colourful decorations! I love it all! Have a wonderful Halloween.

  5. A sweet Halloween Party. I had loads of fun.

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I LOVE them pups!! And look, it's Miley, tee heeee!!! I LOVE your owlies and all, each and every other wonderful Halloween treat and creature. I LOVE how you do it up. What total fun!!! Wish I could be there!

    Thank you for joining in the Halloweeen magic!!
    <3, Vanessa

  7. Aahhh your front door is so inviting!! What fabulously spooky decorations you have. Enjoy the party!! Hugs! deb

  8. LOVE your Party....happy halloween
    Kerstin from germany

  9. Thank you for inviting us into your wonderful home. This is a lovely spooky party. I especially like the tall owl on your Hope table. The banjo music sets the scene. I had a wonderful time.

  10. Oh much fun to be had here....I could watch the banjo player all evening lol :D XXX

  11. What a terrific party! The pups are so sweet!

    If you have a moment, perhaps you would like to stop by for a spell:

  12. Kelly, How darling Your sweet party and all Your decor was.I like Your stuff You have, reminds Me of My stuff :) Thank You for stopping by.Denise

  13. Now that is a very talented Skeleton! Thanks for inviting me. The entertainment was fabulous and the food delightful....and the pups are beautiful!

    Gerushia's New World

  14. Fabulous!! Everything is just delightful... (Love your pups!!)
    Thank you for visiting me too, my Dear ~ Happy Halloween!

  15. You hostess such a lovely party! ^_^
    And your pups are just too adorable. So happy to have stopped by! =D

  16. Thank you so much for inviting me to your house for Halloween! What a nice time I had there! And thank you for having visited me at The Circus at The Tearoom!

    Wishing you a lovely and spooky Halloween!


  17. What a fun post and what a spooktcular Halloween collection you have! Your pups are too cute and I loved those owl cookies!!!!!

  18. I really like all the pretty signs you have! Happy Halloween!

  19. I spy many lovely Halloween things in this post. What a special party you had! Halloween hugs!

  20. What a fun party, I love all your Halloween decorations and adorable pups! Great idea making owls out of Palmiers, Julia Child would be so proud of you! I'll have to give those a try. Thanks for the wonderful time. Cheers, Sarah

  21. Looking like Halloween at YOUR house, Kelly. I love it. You have lots of great things to use in your decorating. Happy week to you- xo Diana

    ps. I am going to try posting this one more time. You do know you have word verification on, right?

  22. Wow, I love all your decorations...all the fairies, owls, teacups, signs and everything!! I've been scrolling up and down, to look again and again. I love the way you arranged all the vignettes. Your dogs are precious...please give them a hug from me. Have a Happy Halloween!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  23. How I love your decorations with your magical fairies and bewitching owls! I can tell you love decorating for Halloween as much as I do! And your dogs are wonderful as well! Thanks for stopping by The Marmelade Gypsy for the party. (Mine continues with a new post tomorrow!)

  24. What a beautiful, happy, light Halloween party! Magical and uplifting! Have a happy Halloween!

  25. OMG...what a fun party and I had a great time, your other guests were very friendly. I love all of the decor. Please visit me:

  26. HI There!
    What a great fanciful post!
    Love the Fairies♥️
    Thanks for following me...come by anytime...leave me a comment!
    Linda :o)

  27. teehee...these pups look as if they are really having a GREAT TIME! Oh Kelly dear, sweet friend with wings....thank you so much for coming by to visit my post! Much love to you and pure magical wishes for an enchanting NOVEMBER! HUGS, Anita

  28. Oh my, Kelly, I love it all. I've been making my way over for weeks, but with my blog move I've been a little dizzy to say the least. Sure missed participating in Vanessa's Halloween party this year, but I'm glad you welcomed us into your home for so many treats.
    Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween. ;)
    Hugs and kisses.xoxoxo

  29. Stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, dearest Kelly. I am so grateful for you and the light you shine in this corner of the world.
    Keep shining!
    And persevering. ;)

  30. KELLY!!!!!!!!!! I sure miss your posts, but to see your visit at my post is such a delight on this lovely Sunday where I am savoring not only the leftovers of a great turkey, but of my few days off from school! Thank you dear one for coming to visit and yes, that day when I was six years old in the photo with my mum, I remember it VERY CLEARLY. It was one of those HOT Christmases and we were off to Disneyland that day. Hence the dressed up mom and me wearing my Sunday best with my Mickey Mouse watch.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the presence of your children. We too had a quiet but very memorable day. Wishing you peace and much love! Anita

  31. Beautiful KELLY!!!!!

    Good evening sweet friend! How lovely to come to my blog to see you visited today. Thank you. It is a busy time and even I have been non-stop this weekend with my husband, just kicking around here and there. But the true peace is spent inside in the home, where we can rest, reflect and give thanks for such a special season. Have a fantastic advent and celebration of life and love. PEACE! Anita

  32. Kelly, how are you, lovely?
    I thought I'd stop by again this week to tell you that I now have my word for 2015. I'll share it soon in a post, giving hints already.. Do you have yours yet?
    The year is almost over, and looking back I see how VICTORIOUS PEACE was woven throughout every season, and how it took me to higher levels.
    We are more than conquerors, my friend.
    PERSEVERE...and finish strong!!

  33. Sweet butterfly Kelly! HOW ARE YOU PRECIOUS ONE! I have missed your posts so much! And for me, when I posted my last post on Sunday, I grieved, I was a sensational 6+ years for me, but I had to do it. I had to decide how I was going to continue to spend my extra time because I want to write seriously , in order to publish. I can't get any of that writing done with work and also blogging, BUT I AM STILL VISITING, and keeping my blog up.

    You are just filled with the love of God and I pray you also find your muse, use it, create loveliness, and bless the world around you. BIG HUGS and many thanks, Anita

    1. Thank you Dearest Anita for your inspiring words that brought me tears. With a renewed spirit, thanks to you, I desire to transform this year and to NEVER stop looking for what it is that I am supposed to do on this planet. Now fly and do great things my friend! <3

  34. Hello, dear Kelly. Thank you so much for your visits, sweet friend.
    As you can see, creativity and WONDER are in full swing at my corner of blogland. ;)
    Hope you're off to a lovely weekend.
    Love and blessings!

  35. Kelly! Thank you so much for the sweet Valentine, dear friend. It made my day. How'd you know I needed one so very much? Oh, yes ... friends and kind hearts just know. <3
    I absolutely LOVE your 2015 word, and the creative way you shared it. It put a huge smile on my face. Your card sits beautifully in my sunshine mail up our home.
    Keep shining, love...and EMBRACE all the blessings of this WONDERful life.
    Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

  36. Good morning, dear friend. How are you today? Thank you so much for stopping by.
    On my current post... I'm curious for more myself. teehee Not sure which way the wind will blow next, but I'm standing still, listening.
    I sure miss your posts. Hope you're enjoying spring's grand entrance. Birds are singing ...they're excellent ushers, don't you think?
    Embracing each moment...savoring the wonder of it all.

  37. Kelly, how are you, lovely? So nice to visit with you.
    OF COURSE I'd love to join you for tea in your secret garden, and yes, hats are a must. :) I think one of my straw hats would be quite appropriate for a garden tea, don't you agree? :) I'm up to 16 straw hats now in my collection, so I have to put them to good use. teehee
    I hope you have a beautiful week, friend.

  38. Happy Sunday, Kelly. Thinking of you, and wondering if you'll be joining Vanessa's tea party next month. Oh, I hope you do.
    Miss you, friend.

  39. Darling Kelly! HELLO!!!!!! Thank you for coming to visit me! I have missed you so! Flutter on by more often, with a new post, PLEASE! And the welcome back to blogging has been so lovely, thank you.

    Off I go to start my vacation. I will be back! LOVE! Anita

  40. And hello my sweet butterfly! It sure is nice to see you on IG and for a little visit in are just a joyful person, and I love to see you! Thank you for coming to visit me. Yes, Carmel is pretty sweet. Now here at home, we are enjoying the paintings that bring up so many great memories of not only the natural beauty of the place, but the treks up and down all the streets and going into the galleries. Meeting the people, learning more about art, and most, the artists was such a great experience. We live CARMEL in our home and hearts.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend! Anita

  41. Saw you fluttering by Anita's this morning and thought I was seeing things. Good to know you're still using your wings.