Tuesday, December 24, 2013

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Here is the one picture I did want to share even though I had intended to show more, but time got away from me and this is the best I have to give you! Keep safe and be JOYFUL my friends!!! <3


  1. Sweet Kelly! HELLO!

    I am on my way home from California to Minneapolis. I had no internet my time there, but I spent a wonderful Christmas with my beloved cousins. WHAT FUN! Sending you wishes for a great New Year! Anita

  2. Precious Kelly!

    Thank YOU for coming by my post again! I am SO BEHIND in visiting others; I had a great time in California, but now that I'm back, I have not even had a chance to reply to the comments as I usually enjoy doing. Many special blessings of joy to you precious one! Anita

  3. Love the video-so sweet.Your ribbon draped Christmas tree is lovely :) Thank You so much for visiting Me and Of course Wishing You a...... Happy New Year -Continued Blessings-Denise